Hillary is an Order Muppet; Donald is a Chaos Muppet

The Presidential race now makes sense to me. I just realized that Hillary is an Order Muppet and Donald is a Chaos Muppet. This is based on the theory that we are all either Order Muppets (Kermit, Bert, Sam the Eagle) or Chaos Muppets (Animal, Miss Piggy, Gonzo).

The Donald supporters want a chaos muppet in the White House. Disrupt NATO, reject international agreement, deport millions of people and close our border. This is all the stuff of chaos.
Hillary supporters want order; a continuation of status quo, with a few minor tweaks here and there. Not breaking up the banks, or Medicare for all that would put Premera and Atena out of business. 
Bernie is the chaos muppet that some of us were hoping for. No Order Muppet would ever have hair like that. He would have shaken things up. And that scared a lot of people, who wanted an order muppet (i.e. Hillary).
Jeb was an Order Muppet than no one wanted. Rubio was an Order Muppet that almost no one wanted. Cruz is also a Chaos Muppet. The fact that he also did well tell us everything we need to know about the Republican electorate. Historically Republicans like Order Muppets (e.g. Nixon, Ford, George HW Bush, Dole, Romney). My best theory for why this changed is a generation of Republican leaders talking about how government is the problem. If government is the problem, then blowing it up is not just reasonable, but wise. This started with Reagan, accelerated with the Tea Party (all Chaos Muppets) and we now have peak chaos with Trump.  

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