Project Management Lessons from handing out free shoes

Yesterday I volunteered at the Seattle/King County clinic, a four-day event at Key Arena where about 750 volunteers provided over a thousand people per day medical services for free. You could have dentures made, get eyeglasses, and receive vaccinations. There are also people to help navigate the health insurance system, which is no easy task.

Everyone who attended was entitled to a free pair of shoes donated by Brooks (thanks to Chris Clark from Brooks for arranging the donation and running the team for 4 days, 12 hours a day). I spent an 8-hour shift helping hand out these shoes.

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What you need to know to work with a product design consulting firm

In my experience working as product development consultant, I’ve learned a few things that I wish every client knew. Misunderstanding of the relationship between the client and the consultants was a common issue. Ideally it is similar to a marriage, which requires trust and communication. The better each side understands the other, the more likely the relationship will be blissful.

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Seattle Interactive Conference

Today I attended the Seattle Interactive Conference, a gathering of designers, artists, and other creative types. There were also a few of us left brain folks. I spent the day participating in the Design Swarm, where six teams put together proposals to speed deployment of the MSR SE200, a device that can make enough chlorine out of salt water to provide clean drinking water for an entire village. To understand the importance of this, all you need to know is that there are four billion cases of diarrhea world wide leading to 2.2 million deaths per year—mostly of children under the age of five. Even if the ideas that came out of the swarm only helped a little, this could still have an enormous impact, given the size of the problem.  Continue reading “Seattle Interactive Conference”