Malawi Movie

This is the movie I made about our month long trip to Malawi in 2003: Andy and Catherine Adventures in the Warm Heart of Africa.  At one hour, this is the longest movie I’ve made. It’s also one of the first I made, so it’s a bit rough around the edges. Most of the music is from the nuns at the Maryview convent in Nguludi, which is definitely one of the high points.

Tanzania: Leave No Animal Unviewed

In 2012 my mother, brothers, and our wives and children went on Safari in Tanzania. It was one of those trips where you think it can’t live up to the brochure, but it surpasses it. All of the shots in these films were taken by me or a member of my family.

First is the one minute teaser preview.

Then the full 13 minute movie, which has a slower pace.