Adaptive Project Management lessons from a Saturday Night Live skit

Last night on Saturday Night Live there was a skit in which three engineers  demonstrated their invention, a machine that can translate a dog’s thoughts into words, to two investors. This is a project with complexity and uncertainty, and adaptive project management is appropriate. Did they use adaptive project management and if not, would it have improved their demonstration?

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Adaptive Project Management: Leading Complex and Uncertain Projects

I just want to let my readers know that even though my blog has been quiet lately it’s not because I’ve stopped writing, but that I’ve been working on a book. The goal of the book, like many of my blog posts, is to provide insights on how to manage projects that have both complexity (so agile is a poor fit) and uncertainty (so waterfall is a bad fit). It should be coming out in March 2017.

Why Product Development Needs Project Management

My second blog post for LiquidPlanner, Why Product Development Needs Project Management, relating my experience trying to do product development with no project management process. It does not go well (though it was better than the company with too much product development process).