The Climate Rangers

The Climate Rangers is a project whose goal is to list all of the significant canidates running for a major office in Washington State and their plan to deal with climate change. I’ll start by looking at the candidates web site, statements to the press, and other publicly available data. If I can’t find anything that way, I’ll contact the candidate directly and ask them. If you want to help, just comment below.

2016 Election



Candidate Party Position
Jay Inslee D Accomplished too much to list here
Bill Bryant R   Unable to find a public statement

Lt. Governor

Candidate Party Position
Cyrus Habib D  Supports acting urgently to address climate change

Marty McClendon

R Unable to find a public statement



Party Position

Hilary Franz

D Be a partner and leader in efforts to address climate change

Steve McLaughlin

R Unable to find a public statement

Congress, District 7

US Senator from Washington


Party Position

Patty Murray

D Supports Obama's Clean Power Plan

Chris Vance

R Supports modest investments in research, but nothing for implementation

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